Free patterns short or long sleeved empire waist tops


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Looking for patterns for the above but not much luck so far. Was wondering if anyone had any links or patterns they wanted to share.



You might find something like it at (which is down for a day or two) or at
A good place to search for patterns though is You have to sign up, but it only takes a day for approval and they have a vast database of patterns. Use the advanced pattern search for ‘empire waist’ and you should find dozens.

Yeah, Ravelry is awesome for finding stuff. I found these and there’s more…

Jan, Thanks for your link to Garns patterns. The pale turquoise jacket #119 in their new collection is the “fly away” sweater pattern I’ve been looking for. I’m copying the pattern. My ? the yarn? I know nothing about UK yarns, however those used must be quite fine because they use 2 strands together and the sweater appears to be almost diaphanous. Got a suggestion for a US yarn and does it have to be done with 2 strands together for an effect or can I use what will give me the correct guage with a single strand?

Joy, Just happened to get these 2 free patterns in an email. They are Lion Brand and I like some of their patterns. You might like to check them out. One is crochet, the other knit: Dinner at Eight Top - #90098AD and Blissful Blue Top #90033AD They’re both kind of cute. Jean

Generally if you get the same gauge it doesn’t matter what yarn you use.

Here’s the Gauge- this is the one you need to be concerned about. If you can get the same gauge you’re fine. The reason it looked so light is they used a big needle.

CIRCULAR NEEDLE ( 32’’) size /US 10 – or size needed to get [B]15 sts x 20 rows[/B] in stockinette st with 1 thread of each quality = 4’’ x 4’’.

CIRCULAR NEEDLE (32’’) size US 8 – for garter st.

The two Garnstudio yarns are fingering/sport weight, so you could probably get the same gauge with one strand of a DK weight, or maybe light worsted.

According to Ravalry the Vivaldi is worsted weight and the Alpaca is fingering. The pattern shows a gauge of 15 sts over 4 in. Am I reading that wrong?

I dunno, I changed my post anyway. I may have got confused, I looked at the needle sizes and may have thought size 6 rather than 6mm. I know one is fingering, the other is a mohair, which knits up thicker than you’d think. A dk single stranded would probably substitute because you wouldn’t really want a regular worsted and a fingering for this. That would make a bulky and probably too heavy, this looks like a light weight drapey jacket.

Thanks so much, Jan & Sue. I appreciate your help so much. If you two are done talking amongst yourselves I’ll add that on the Garn site they do suggest alternative yarns (1 strand of the C group is = to the 2 strands they suggest). Big Whoop! Whatever that means. Probably 3+1. I think I’ll knit with smaller needles in a 3 weight yarn and go from there. I can fig. the gauge. This pat. comes out very loose and I’m going to have more ?‘s about making it for a petite person about 5’ tall so it doesn’t hit her ankles. Later after Easter weekend. Have to color eggs as you probably do too. I’m fortunate because I have high cholesterol so I just have to color egg whites! Jean

How do you dye eggs and do only the whites???:??

Garns patterns are often a little confusing due to translations. They have pretty stuff though if you work through it. :wink:

I’ll add that on the Garn site they do suggest alternative yarns (1 strand of the C group is = to the 2 strands they suggest). Big Whoop! Whatever that means. Probably 3+1.
The C group yarns are heavier, so 2 lighter weight yarns would be the same thickness as the C group. So it doesn’t mean anything like 3+1.

Sorry Jan, I didn’t see your reply earlier. Have been poking around more at the Garn site and can figure out what they mean. Funny, they have to translate British English for us! Will begin planning my yarn, gauge etc. next week hopefully.
Oh, you asked about coloring egg whites? I only say that when it’s April Fools Day! I think I gotcha :<) Jean

Thanks, Sue. I get it. Have one other concern about the Garns “fly away sweater jacket”. I’ll make it for a petite person about 5’ tall (3 states away from me) and I won’t be able to get measurements. The pattern #119 in their new collection is quite long and the pretty model wearing it looks like about 90lbs. piled 6’ H. Can I find info on how much to adjust for length? I’m going to check some in the stores and see the difference between Misses and Petite sizes. Perhaps the body sz. will need some adj. too but it’s such a loose fitting garment - maybe not. Any tips?

Since this one is knit side to side you adjust the length of it by the number of sts cast on. So you may want to CO for the smallest size, but work the length of the knitting (which ends up being the width of the garment) for a larger size if she’s not a size 2.

Jan, You are so clear that I read you loud & clear. Thanks again. I may give in and get a couple of measurements from my friend but, I’d rather this be a surprise.