Free pattern for a cropped wrap sweater?

Does anyone know of one on line? I have seen and read it a dozen times and still don’t understand it. I’m sure it’s me.

Anyway, a cool looking cropped top is what I am looking for.



Reading a pattern and deciding if you can do it is like reading the directions to assemble a kid’s bike all the way through and then deciding you can’t possibly get it together.

Why not give it a shot? Do each stitch, each line, one at a time, and it should all come together exactly as it should. If it doesn’t who better to help you than the Knitty folks here? I’m sure there are several who have made this, and many more who would be willing to help every step of the way.

:XX: --That’s you knitting this!!!

Ingrid, you are right (and I love your analogy, which had me wondering whether I would quit half way thru a bike…

I started to graph out the pattern as I read it so make more sense. I am sure if it is on Knitty it is a good pattern.

Thanks for your support!


If you love the one from knitty, just go for it. If you run into a snag, someone here will help you! :slight_smile:

I really like :heart: :heart: THIS ONE.

Is there anything specific about the pattern that you’re having a hard time figuring out?? I’m sure there’s lots of people here who will be able to help you!