Free lace pattern!

Great lace knitting pattern !

Doilies. :zombie:

The lace is pretty though. :wink:

Hmmm… I’ve been wanting to try some lace… since it was suggested the Yarn Harlot’s “Knitting Rules!” that it’s a good way to knit a long time for cheap!

Those are beautiful!

those are beautiful – thanks alot. Knitting lace is addictive and the yarn goes along way.

Wow!!! How beautiful!!

I am glad that i found it and able to share it with you all :muah:

I’ll probably never get around to it, but the one that translates to “Peacock’s Tail” is truly beautiful. Maybe intricate doilies came about because women needed something to do during those cold winter nights? What a beautiful piece of work that is.

I would love to try knitting one of those in heavier yarn, a la Helmock Ring Blanket, which is based on a doily pattern. :thumbsup:

with very little tweaking those patterns make lovely shawls, or circular afghans. just depends on your yarn and needle choice. There are edgeing patterns aleswehre on the site as well.