Free KP Circ (Gone)

I was organizing my needles this week, and I found an extra KP options 24" circular needle in size 2. I had meant to send it back, but I guess I forgot.
Anyway, if anyone wants it, just PM me your address, and it’s yours.

[COLOR="#300090"]I’d give em a good home!

And then I’d have two circ’s. :woot:

Do you think my Boye size 8 would get jealous?

I just sent you a PM. :waving: [/COLOR]

It’s yours. :muah:

Yes, they will most definitely be green:mrgreen: , and for good reason…in fact, I’d keep them in separate rooms to prevent needlecide.

Enjoy them, I just got mine and absolutely love them:woot:

Thank you!

jdee you have a heart of GOLD.

How is everything with you?

I’m doing great, thanks for asking. :muah: