Free Knitting Screensavers?

I have a screensaver from knitpicks that I’ve been using forever but now need something new and fresh. I dont see much of a selection on knitpicks and the one i did choose stretches way out of shape for my screen. Help - I would like a variety of free knitting related screensavers to choose from.

When you say it stretches way out of shape, it makes me wonder–are you looking for a screensaver or desktop wallpaper?

If it is a screensaver, you can collect a bunch of knitting related photos and make your own (I can tell you how to do this if you have Windows.)

Is this what you mean? These are wallpapers.

Here are some more-

yes, i meant wallpaper - thanks!!

you can take any photo and save it as your wallpaper.

For some reason my computer pixelated these images. I do have a wide screen humm. oh well