Free knitting motifs

Hi All you lovely knitters,

Being a knitter myself, I especially enjoy to knit motifs and I have found it very difficult to first of all find a motif I liked and then getting it to fit in size and according to my knitting tension.
My nifty and very skill full boyfriend who is an IT developer, took pity in me when he saw me struggling with pen and paper to create simple motifs and decided to develop an IT system that could create stunning motifs.

The system is called knit square; and it is a repository of motif knitting patterns. You are able to either use and personalize one of the many templates that are already available or upload your own image, (preferably as an svg file). But I wont bore you with the technical details, I find it very easy to navigate in.

It is free to use and you can save as many patterns as you like.

As we have just started this venture, we are hoping to get some users who are interested in trying out the system and giving back some feedback. So please feel free to try it out.

You are welcome to leave a message and contact us with any questions.

Have a great day everyone :slight_smile:


These are awesome! !!! I want to try all of them. Do you hsve any connected to babies? Would love to see one of a bsby, baby blocks, rattle, things related to babies would be great to place on s blanket. Do you have butterflies? As you can see you got my attention and i can not wait to try some of them.

Have you ever thought about do things related to sports such as the yankee or ranger emblem? I have done them in needlepoint and would love to do a blanket for my husband. I have played with the idea by placing an image over a piece of graph paper.

Hi Trisha54,

I am really glad to hear that!! :slight_smile: Great feedback and I love that you are as excited as I am.
I am including a few butterflies here; I hope you like one of them? We do not have babies in there, but I will make sure that we add them asap! And great idea.
The cool thing is, that you also able to upload the images yourself!
Just google the image you would like and then download the image on your computer and upload it in Knit Square. Only requirement is that you use an SVG file. Something something technical, but it simply means that the image needs to be scalable in order for it to work in Knit Square. I would love to see them! :slight_smile: So if you have images you have uploaded, please feel free to share them here or write us at

As it is still early ages we are really happy with the feedback and we have tons of ideas for further development!

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Great idea! And that is something we will look into next! Thank you for the idea :slight_smile: And I struggled in making the images myself on paper, in excel but this just makes it sooo much easyer! :slight_smile:
And a great idea with the blanket! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the link to butterflies. My son is a tech so i understand some of the language. I suggested the idea about babies because I like many others are always looking for things to enhance the babies first blanket. Living in a house dominated by men sports are a big thing and what guy would not like a blanket with their favorite on it

I like this site. But you lost me totally at svg file. I won’t be trying to upload my own pictures for charting. Thanks for sharing this site with us.

You are very welcome. I am glad you liked them. The baby and sports category will be uploaded shortly and I will let you know when it’s available. I agree, baby motifs and baby toys are very sweet on blankets :slight_smile: I think that a man blanket sounds like a wonderful idea and with his favorit team logo or other decorating it, I see Christmas present coming right up! :slight_smile: We will look into perhaps adding logo’s.
If you have any questions or other please feel free to let us know :slight_smile:

Thank you for checking out the site! :slight_smile: We really appreciate all the feedback we can get. I understand that the technical talk sounds complicated so dont worry about that. Knit Square has thousands of patterns that you can use and personalize to fit your knitting tension and the size you want the motif in. It is great that you like the site and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us :slight_smile:
Have a great evening.

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