Free Knitted Hooded Cardigan Pattern?


I am currently knitting a hooded pullover for a child and now want to find a free hooded cardigan pattern.

I’ve looked on Ravlery, Bernat and Lion Brand sites and find lots for babies but none for child sizes.

Does anyone know of one? I’d really appreciate the link.



There are several on Ravelry. Are you using the advanced search features on the left of the screen? I typed “hoodie” in to the search box and hit search. Then I narrowed it down to cardigan, child and free. If you want something else specific then you enter that. Your choices are already down to about 25. If you’re willing to pay a few bucks then you’ll get a lot more choices.

Here’s a few of them -

Here’s one for a baby, but could be adapted to a larger size.

Thank you so much! I guess I missed the advanced search.


Going through Ravelry I found 2 at Both were free and worked out well for me.



Good luck finding what you want. I found it very challenging.

Thanks for the links. I signed up at Rowan, and downloaded the Addison pattern.

Glad you found them to be something you wanted to check out. I used the patterns, with modifications as I recall, for my grandkids. They are pleased with the results. Enjoy whatever pattern you decide to use. One of them was the first sweater I made, I only managed it because of all the help I got here.

Knitting sweaters for babies and children is great if you’ve never done sweaters before and want to take the plunge. They use so little yarn and don’t take much time. It gives you almost instant satisfaction. It’s good practice for making beautiful adult sweaters later on. The knitting and assembly techniques are identical.

Although its not hooded I thought I would share this cute cardigan pattern for a young child. Hope you like :slight_smile: