Free Intimate Apparel Patterns

Hi guys. Been searching for a solid database of knitting patterns for intimate apparel for my girlfriend. She loves the fact that I knit and she just finished her first scarf. I’m just now wrapping up my first v neck sweater vest and she’s so fascinated and intrigued that she wants me to knit her something. Our two year anniversary is coming up and I normally head to my local Victoria’s Secret but I thought it would be cool to knit her something. She loves the babydoll outfits with matching undergarments. Any suggestions of where to look?

I apologize in advanced if this is looked upon as inappropriate or crude in any way.

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Are you a Ravelry member? If so, there are a few pages of patterns for ‘Lingerie’ inc. baby doll sets, under a pattern search using just this title.You can also refine the search to specific items, in a particular yarn weight or needle size. Hope this helps and good luck

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i typed “notknittingknots” into the search bar and came up with no results…?

Go to Ravelry and then patterns and type in “lingerie” and then filter for free.

Perfect!!! I’m having issues finding a baby doll style for knitters but i did find a few things… now how would i go about measuring my gf? I’m only familiar with measurements for a sweater or cardigan…

Well, probably the typical measurements would work. You know, bust, waist, hips. What you need to measure depends on what you are making. As for baby doll style… you might find something you can adapt by looking up camisole, but I’m not sure.

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