Free, easy charts

I just tried this out, and now could knit a picture of my grandson if I wanted! It will make a chart of any picture you want it to. I’m going to be playing with this all day!

Hey Ingrid, I have a question. The knitting graph paper has little rectangles and I’ve been assuming that was representing two stitches, side by side and one row. If these are square, are they counting as one stitch one row?

Knitting graph paper has little rectangles to represent each stitch. It’s not done in squares in order to represent more accurately the relation ship between stitch size and row size. Since I just got this this morning, I don’t how how it will knit up. But it seems that every pattern I have is made of squares, so I’m not sure which knits up truer. Something to think about and play with. :thinking:


Thanks for the link! I haven’t downloaded it yet.

Aby - Re: Rectangles in graph - I think that the stockinette stitch is longer than it is wide (maybe I have it backwards!), so that’s why rectangles vs squares in the chart.


OMIGODDESS this is sooooo addictive!!!

Way cool!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Ing…I think this may turn out to be the greatest thing EVER!! I can see a sock with a pic of my dh on one heel flap and my youngest on another, etc…I can make socks with my kids on the heel flaps…I have a gazillion ideas!!! Just WOW!! :heart: :heart: :heart: IT!
[color=darkred][size=7]BIG HEARTY THANKS![/size][/color]

Ok what I don’t like about this is it doesn’t give you an option to choose a size. I submitted a picture that was about a 3x4 and it turned it in to 65 stitches by 48. :?? It wasn’t even an complicated picture.

My charts were all that big, too. I’m going to send an email to see how to change the size of the grid.

I sent an email asking how to change grid size.

It just occurred to me though, that one of our techno-wonders may have figured that out already.


I actually got a response this morning from these folks, and there is supposed to be a KnitPro 2 coming out in hopefully September!!! She suggested that I get on their mailing list to keep updated, which I did.
This is going to be great! No more taping picks and graph paper to windows in the hope of being able to trace.

I am interested in using this but I am not so computer savvy like you ladies. Can someone give step by step instructions on how to use this Knitpro :thinking:

svetlana, just click on “browse” and find a picture that is on your computer, and then “submit” to get the chart.

I wish the chart resulted in more accurate rectangles rather than squares; so it didn’t distort the dimensions in the finished product. Maybe they’ll do this for the new version.

Neat idea, nice that it’s free, too!

I messed up, meant to add message below here… now I cannot delet…so ignore, ignore, ignore!!!

I had not actually printed anything, it was my assumption that it was going to be in the ‘knitting graph paper’ style…I just printed a bit of a pic. and it is as Amy says…regular size graph…POO!!