Free download on KP site for Brioche scarf


I have just been on Knit Picks site and there is a free download for a Brioche scarf…I have tried to download the pattern but Windows wont let me open the file.:waah: Could anyone help me out please?
Maybe if you can send it me via PM anyone I would really appreciate it. Thank you x :muah:

I think I found the download for the scarf, but when I did it it was a 9 page information sheet and on the bottom I found this for the Brioche Stitch:

Even number of sts.
Row 1 (preparation row): *YO, sl1, k1; rep from *
Row 2: *YO, sl 1, k2 tog (slip-stitch and yo of previous row); rep from *
Omit first row, repeat Row 2 only

I am not sure if it will help you. I will also provide the link I have in the download:

Hope it helps some!

Hi Greta
Thank you for that I still can’t open the link you sent me!!
How many sts would you cast on for a scarf? and what edging would you use?
Sorry to be pain

Here’s the part of the document that shows Brioche Stitch:
(click to see the photo in a larger size)

Here is the note they added about knitting the edge on your scarf: