Free Bernat Disco yarn... what to do with it

Well, I just got my free Bernat Disco yarn in the mail (Mr.Brown) and now I look at it and think what do I do with it? :XX:

Any ideas as to what to make with it? What has everyone who got this yarn made out of it?


I got the same color. After I’m finished with my holiday knitting, I am going to use it with a burgandy yarn and make a scarf for my 8 year old niece. she’d love it. I really have no idea what else to use it for. It’s such an odd yarn.

I got the same color too so I made KellyK’s grrrrr! Scarf out of it… :smiley:

I got Jungle Jive. I think I am going to mix it with another shade of green for a scarf also…or maybe a red :thinking:

I knit up a quick scarf with mine, but my dd thinks it would make that really cute hedgehog that someone posted last week. We ended up making on out of some really soft fluffy stuff instead since we couldn’t find the disco in Mr. Brown. The hedgie is super cute!

:frowning: I still don’t have mine…but THAT’S OKAY bc I do have the look of a LYS in many areas of my home :wink:

where is this hedgehog? must see must see!



well i have made two purses with wool and the fuzzy stuff, when felted it is cool. I have 3 skiens cause everyone who also order is giving me theirs in the family. I vote for the hedgehog after seeing it, too cute.

I got Jungle Jive… and I have to admit that it is the ugliest yarn ever. :lol: Maybe if it was mixed with something else it wouldn’t be so bad, but I just can’t think of anything to make with it.

(no offense to anyone that did find a use for it - I’m sure your FO’s are lovely!)

Well, I got mine yesterday and here it is. Not something I’d seek out, but with a black outfit, perfect for New Year’s (for my 26-yr-old daughter??) I knit it with some black Wool Ease.

Hm I havn’t gotten mine yet. I looked at the price in the store and thats outragous!! $7.00 for a ball of yarn?! :shock:

Well… I have some thick black yarn to use with whatever color I get :lol:

I haven’t gotten mine yet either pout

i got mine a while ago and it’s sitting here.

it’s bright blue - the ugliest shade of blue ever! LOL

might make something for my niece? not sure what yet though.

You could use it to make the rock star scarf from I saw it in black at the store and that came to mind.


How do you get the yarn free? Thanks.

Sign up for free yarn here

Thanks for the link. I hope I get somethin purdy :cheering: