Free basket pattern

Sorry about the sideways pic (not good at this resizing stuff) but this is just a variation of basic basketweave (lets use the abreviation BW) stitch (which you can find online I don’t want to type it out at 2 am)

Basic BW is a multiple of 8 stitches plus 3 extra eg 11,19,27,35 etc) this one starts with 139 stitches, if it is for an adult you could start with more.

After as many rows as you like increase the number of knit stitches you do ie 1st row of BW is knit all, 2nd row is (P3, K5) to last 3 stitches, P3. Then you increase the number of knit stitches when you want to widen it and you can either increase to K6 or K7 (but be careful of the “purl bump” and if you want it deep then just increase by one stitch (written pattern coming soon).

With this one it got boring so I extended the number of cross rows from 3 to 5 every 3rd cross group of rows and it made some bands look wider. In my pattern I called this a strip. Then when I thought it was deep enough I did a picot edge (P2 tog, yrn) You can do it knitways too but I only found out just googling picot edge. Then I did several rows of stocking stitch (ss)to form an inside hem and present the decorative edge and also something “solid” that will not reveal the sewing of the handles.

Add whatever handle pattern you want, I used ss and doubled it over (use a long thin blunt object to turn it inside out after sewing up) Then sew the handles on where you want.

This can be made into any size you want, it is just not really heavy duty, but makes a good gift for kids, my niece likes hers.

Love your written pattern… kind of looks like mine do!
Like a secret message kind of thing but only written in ‘knit-ese’.
Who knew we’d be learning a different language when we learned to knit!
Love the bag.
TEMA :knitting:

Thanks so much for the great looking basket. It’s fun to see the design process at work.
Why not write up a formal copy to post?

Again ladies thanks for the compliments.

@salmonmac it was just sort of adlib I wrote 3 rows at a time, ticked them off then had a look at it to see what to do next.

@TEMA you should see my new “pattern”

Row 1 K 13B,2G,14B,2G,26B,2G,14B,2G,26B,2G,7B
Row 2 P 8B,2G,24B,2G,16B…

I also have the number 40 in a circle and an equivalent to sign (equal sign but top line is sqiggly) then the number 20 eg 40=20 on Cel’s

Yes it is a different language and the 40 is 14+26 in row one, 16+24 in row 2, it will be 18+22 in row 3 etc. The sides add up to 20 so end of row 2 will be 12B

That is it until I get to row 160, I just need to keep count on paper which I have not done for about 6 years.

Funny thing is I was knitting in a pub and someone asked “Don’t you need a pattern?” I replied “No I know it”