Free Angel doll or ornament Pattern

I was taught to bring something to the hostess when first visiting.

Since I just joined this forum I thought I would bring along a hostess gift to all of you who post here. This is a pattern for a tiny angel. It can be used as a doll or as an ornament. It can be made with small amounts of left over yarn. Doesn’t everyone need a little angel in their pocket?

The pattern is available here

Mama Bear

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That’s adorable! Thanks. :smiley:

That -is- adorable! But unless I’m missing something, the link only leads to the picture you posted… a bit of detective work tells me that is the link you meant. :wink:

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:smiley: Welcome to KH, mamabear…and thanks so much for the pattern :wink:

Tab, Thanks so much for catching my link mistake! I corrected it in my post.

Thanks for the welcome and nice comments everyone. This is the first time I have shared a pattern I wrote. My normal scribbled patterns wouldn’t be decipherable!

Mama Bear

Just too cute…I am going to make this my project for the summer with bits of left over yarn from projects and let the angel be the “bow” on my hand knitted gifts for Christmas this year…well that is the plan…if I have time.

Well aren’t you sweet! That’s adorable, thanks!

If you have kids and with a name like mama bear you should have this avatar! It might have t be adjusted a bit if you do want to use it.

Welcome! and thank you for sharing your cute little angel!


That is an adorable avitar! If I weren’t personally attached to the one I have, I would use it. The little cubs remind me of my grandchildren.

My daughter drew the bear in my current avitar since I live in the woods and like bear, as well as loving to knit socks.

Louine, I like the idea of the angel as a package decoration! I designed the angel for the lucybug charity knit-along, and hope to also make some for the warming Grace project.

I wanted something fast and with the least “fiddling” possible. The hair is probably the most fiddly part of the entire angel since the angel body is knit in the round and doesn’t require seaming (although I hope to have a flat/seamed pattern out soon for those who prefer).

Nicole, thank you :slight_smile:

Mama Bear

Thank you so much! What a beautiful, heart-warming angel; and what a beautiful, heart-warming site!

Thank you Denise.

If anyone knits this, I would love to see a photo. So far the ones I have seen all have come out differently with their own personalities.

Mama Bear

I made one of these for a gift many years ago.
I have lost the pattern and now cannot find it on the net anywhere.
Would someone have a copy of the pattern please? Or know where I can get it please. Thankyou in advance

Welcome to KH!
I don’t know which pattern this post is referring to but Ravelry is a good place to look for patterns.
There was one knitting pattern that I found but there may be others.

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oh well… never got there from here ((lol

this is a favorite of mine :angel:

Ravelry: Angel of Kindness pattern by Tina Thomas

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