Frayed yarn

A sweater I’ve knitted from Berocco Vintage Chunky (not sure if this matters) has a frayed stitch - I did not notice it while knitting but now it looks much worse than I’m comfortable with I’m concerned that it will break fairly easily (the sweater is for my teen niece so I don’t expect gentle handling). I tried to take a picture but I’m not sure how clear it will be. Any suggestions as to how to reinforce this stitch now would be greatly appreciated.

You might be able to reinforce the stitch by doing a duplicate stitch on top of the frayed stitch and the two or three before and after it. The yarn has some wool in it, so you might be able to “needle felt” the duplicate stitch a little bit to make it sort of stick together. Even if you don’t have a needle felting needle, I think you could just use a sewing needle to poke it up and down just to get them to stick together a bit.
I can’t imagine taking out stitches and re knitting them … but I am sure it is possible :slight_smile: If I tried to do that it would be a tangled mess in no time !

Thanks! I will give that a try… I can’t face unraveling it either :slight_smile: