Fourth stitch

Hello Everyone ,
Been busy for a while with youngest son’s graduation. I finished middle son, Alex’s hat , and will post a picture when I learn how. I have a question concerning youngest son’s hat. First three rows are k2,p2 which is easy enough. Round 4 : k2,p2 rep to last 4 sts. End with k2,p1. What is the fourth stitch? The pattern is Ann Norling pattern #54 , “Spiral Rib Hat”.
Thank you for the help!!!:muah:

I suspect because it is a spiral rib that the beginning of round will technically be moving every round. It says to work to last 4 stitches and then only gives instructions for 3 stitches, so you would start the next round on the last stitch of the current round. Does that help?

If it fits with the next line which is “Move marker 1 st to right & re-center rnd. Rep rnds 1-4 until desired length.” Later when you start decreases a similar thing occurs and there is a fourth stitch.
I should have included the above. Thank You!!!:cheering:

Yep, that explains it! :thumbsup: