FOUR clever things to do with your Interchangeable needles

Here’s a few tricks I’ve (re-?)invented…

[B]1) Use the “2 circular needles” method, with JUST the needles from your one Interchangeable needle set![/B]

(What’s the “2 circular needles” method? See Small Diameter Circular knitting, here.) Obviously you can’t make 2 complete sets of circular needles of the same size, because that would require 4 needle tips of the same size, and you only have two in your kit. But what you [I]can [/I]do, and this works JUST as well, is put the size needle you want to work with, on in the right hand side of each pair of circular needles. Mis-match the sets with a smaller needle on the left side. Because you’re knitting ONTO the right size needle, in both cases, you’ll have the correct gauge! The needle your knitting OFF of can be smaller, and it won’t affect your gauge! In fact, if you’re a tight knitter, this is a good idea anyway! :wink:

[B]2) If you’re a tight knitter, you can make your tight stitches much easier to knit into! [/B]For circular knitting only. Just replace your left needle tip with a smaller needle size. If you’re only knitting [I]off of[/I] this needle, and not onto it, it won’t affect your gauge, and knitting will be much easier.

[B]3) Inserting a lifeline[/B] There’s a big shortcut you can use with interchangeable needles, when you want to insert a lifeline (what’s a lifeline? Video on this page). Instead of threading a tapestry needle with cord and running it through the stitches, you thread the Knitting Needle [I]itself[/I], and let it work the cord in as you knit! There’s a little hole in the set (you know, that hole that the tightening tool goes into) that could have been designed for this purpose!! Even the Denise set has this hole.

[B]4) Make i-cord by using your needle tips like DPN’s. [/B]Definitely works well with the Boye set, not as sure about the Denise set. You just knit off the threaded end of the left needle; because that end tapers, it’s easy. (Idea contributed by Urraca, below.)

I’m pretty sure I’m the first to come up with that lifeline idea. Seems like one that would have caught on by now if someone else had thought of it, don’t ya think? Next thing you know they’ll be drilling holes in straight needles so they can do this too! …Hmmm, think I should patent this? :shock: :thinking:

:cheering: [size=6][color=blue]BRRRRRRRILLIANT![/color][/size] :cheering:

(Make sure you roll your R’s while reading that…)

ohhh… good ones Amy!!!

I have a Denise set and use them for all sorts of things.

  1. I use them with the little end buttons to hold my work. I never need to switch needles and have not had to use a stitch holder yet.

  2. I use the knitting needle cables to pick up dropped stitches. If I have to frog a piece, I pick up the stitches with the cable because it is so much smaller.

Thats all I can think of right now.


Thank you for this tip! I’ve always wanted to try this technique, but I don’t have the $$ to buy two sets of my needles. I just got the Denise set for my bday - now I can’t wait to try this!

I also thought that when a pattern calls for binding off loosely, I would try exchanging my Denise needle tips for the next largest size or even larger (though I have gotten used to the suspended stitch bind off).


NOTE: I’ve edited the 3rd idea! If any of you read this post originally, please read #3 again, this lifeline method is MUCH more versatile and exciting!


You’re a genius!
Thank you for the great tips! :slight_smile:

well i came in here hoping to find things like “stab the guy in the eye who is makin’ fun of you for knitting in the drive through”…sigh…i guess these are good too though :wink:


you should totally patent it. you clearly have the entrepreneurial spirit. combined with a creative flair! good for you!

I’ll be glad to contribute another tip (it works with Boye’s set, I’m not so sure it’d work with Denise’s because of the shape of their needle tips).

Because of their almost symetrical shape I use Boye’s needle tips to knit I-cord. It works perfectly. No need for DPNs sets in every single size just for I-cord.

I’d like to thank you for your great site. Except for knit and purl which I learned when I was 7, I have learned almost everything else from your site in the past months. I only understand 3-D; if it wasn’t for your videos I wouldn’t be knitting now. Thanks again, Amy.

Ah yes, I do that too! Knitting i-cord with my Boye tips. Didn’t occur to me to put it on the list! Good thinking! :figureditout: I think I’ll add that one!

Glad the site’s so helpful to you Urraca!
:heart: Amy

That almost makes me want to buy 2 sets of Boyes, just for all the dpns!
Almost. Great idea though!!

Kinda makes you wonder though… it would be brilliant for someone to make a set of interchangables, sizes 0 through 15, 2 sets each, with tips that ARE dpns as well! :heart:

They’re not long enough tips to practically function the way DPN’s do in most cases, but they work great for i-cord, which only has a few stitches.

You can still use Denises for I-cord with a short cable in between.


I LOve My Denise needles!!!

Oh I know. I was just fantasizing. sigh… Interchangeables that double as dpns. sigh

… in a perfect world…

:heart: :heart: :heart: #3 about the lifeline…very BERILLIANT :thumbsup:

I use the Denise’s for DPN…not with the short cord though as someone mentioned. They are long enough for (some) i-cord without any extension.

I don’t use the cord in between for the size - I use it so I can slide the I-cord to a tip to knit the next row.


oh, like using 4 needles with each 2 connected to make 2 dpns that have a cord in the middle? Not sure exactly what you mean. Oh or maybe you just unclick the needle from one end of the cord and then put it on the other?

Well, the unclicking one needle from one end would work, but I meant I use 2 interchangeable needles and the cable as one would use circular needles to knit I-cord. I didn’t mean I use the shortest cable, just like one of the shorter so you don’t have to slide the knitting too much, but long enough so you can use both ends while they are still connected to the cable. Sorry if I was confusing!