Foundation Single Crochet for Scarf

I just found out about this chain stich/single crochet combo method and wondered if it would be useful for the first row of a scarf pattern that will consist of single crochet only. The scarf will be crocheted lengthwise, changing colors every row, until desired width is met.

Fsc is the best thing since sliced bread! Yes, you can work a row of fsc and count it as the first row of the pattern.

Thank you Grumpy! One more thing, I read the pattern carefully and the
pattern stitch is SC in the back loop only. Does the back look issue change
how I do the FSC or if I even start with an FSC?


What pattern is this? If you can post a link to it that would be great, otherwise what’s its name and who designed it?
I don’t think the back loop only stitches will be a problem. You should end up with a nice chained edge on both sides. Working in the back loops will give a nice ribbed effect.

Here is a link to the item. She designed it as a donation to a charity
publication. The yarn arrived from the UK last week and I’ve downloaded the
pattern and am ready to go but do remember the pain of chaining as
especially long row for a vertically crocheted scarf I made some years ago
so thought I’d try the FSC. The whole pattern is sc in the back loop only,
done in long vertical rows, each a different color. I found the craft
magazine it was published in on Google Play Books so bought it and then
just created a PDF from the three pages I needed (none of the other crafts
interested me).

Thank you for your help.


Skip the chain and do fsc. There is no reason that I can see that it won’t work just fine. Both edges will be lovely. Pretty scarf. Enjoy!

Thanks for posting the link. Just seeing the scarf was really all I needed so it’s great.

Thank again. I’ll begin tomorrow!