Found another spinning wheel project

Hello again, so i might have purchased another spinning wheel (a little worse for wear) and was hoping for some information.

Its a lovely little wheel, with what looks to be the persons name who built it and date it was made.

Just wondering if anyone had heard of the maker (long shot i know) or have a look at the pictures and let me know if it looks like a good wheel, i think its a saxony but im not 100%.

Thanks again everyone.

@mullerslanefarm would you mind having a look?

There are 2 basic types of treadle wheels, the Saxony where the drive wheel is in front of the mother-of-all and the Castle where the drive wheel is below the mother-of-all.

This is a Saxony wheel.

Ron Cowey could be the wheel maker or he could be a previous owner and someone that repaired the wheel. We may never know …

Important things to consider before buying this wheel.

Does the drive wheel spin true or close to true?

Is there an ‘exit hole’ on the side of the orifice?

Is the flyer pulley separate from the bobbin and does it come off the flyer shaft? (*remember it often has a reverse thread so try turning it to the right to remove … rightey tightey, leftey loosey doesn’t apply to reverse threads!)

Can you replace the wooden bearings the flyer sits on?

I can’t tell from the pictures … is there a ‘groove’ on the bobbin for a drive band? this is needed since it is a double drive wheel


How is the spinning on your castle wheel going?

Soooo … did you buy this wheel? Your “stable” is growing! :grin:

I told @Shintoga on another thread about the book, “The Care & Feeding of Spinning Wheels A buyer’s Guide & Owner’s Manual” by Karen Pauli. It was published by Interweave Press in 1981. The ISBN is 0-934026-04-01

There are a few great chapters in it I think you would enjoy: Finding a Spinning Wheel; Will It Work?; DIY Repairs; Professional Repairs; Restoration.

It really helped me when I was buying and restoring wheels.


The castle wheel spins beautifully, the leather pieces were very dry and getting some extra attention.

I have been practicing keeping a constant treadle and changing directions.

I did buy it, it was at my local auction house and i won it for £20 without seeing it. It was a big risk but it seems to have worked out well.

I’ll definitely look for that book, it sound like it would be very beneficial to me.

Thanks @mullerslanefarm you really are a massive help.

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@Becka2259 so very glad I could help.

£20!!! That’s a steal!