Found a patter, need help though

Hi! I was hoping to get some clarification on a pattern I found. I have knitted a few odds and ends but was looking for a “simple” throw to make.
I am having trouble understanding the pattern though on the ones that I like.
I have found one I think is simple but caught one note that made me question if I understand it.
The pattern is a stripe throw that uses about five colors… it says
using circular needle cast on sixty stiches working in St st work stripe pattern (2 rows color A, 2 rows color B) 10 times, (2rows color C, 2 rows color D) 10 times… it continues through a few different sets of colors.

I understand the general pattern but read that you do stockinette stitch as knit a row, pearl a row… unless you are on a circular needle, in which case you knit every round when working on a circular needle.
That confuses me. Can someone please clarify?

do you have a picture of the pattern? I am guessing it is just telling you to use circs but knit flat, meaning you will turn the work when you get to the end of the row like you would on straights. if it is a circular throw though, you may actually be joining. usually there will be a direction telling you to join when that happens though.

Thats where I found the pattern. I think I found it on one of the links on the shared favorite patterns area.
I really wanted to make a simple throw. I am doing a baby blanket atm that is one color. I wanted to make somethin nice for at home though. Atm I am doubting my choice. It is a rectangle so no joining needed that I can tell. I am having a tough time now envisioning doing multiple colors and wondering if I can do that. Do you just leave the other colors hanging while you work the current one? Ugh.
Thanks for reply. I hope I am making sense.

You have an extra ‘h’ in your link…

i think that one would be a good one for you. easy peasy. as far as what to do with the colors. my inclination is always to cut and weave the ends in and then start the color again when you are suppose to. especially since the colors are so far apart from each other. if it was 4 rows of blue, 4 rows of green, 4 rows of blue again i would say just carry it up the side but you don’t want to try to carry the black al the way to the end, too messy in my opinion. So i would cut off the yarn leaving enough of a tail to weave in and then just pick up the new color at the beginning of the row. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

and doing it on circs means you don’t have to worry about dropping a needle because it will always be attached to the work and when the work starts to get big, you will have the weight of it in the middle there for you instead of on the one needle!

and now that i have typed all that, let’s see who beat me who isn’t quite as wordy as me! :wink:

Thanks a ton for the help!! I will get the materials and give it a go.

y’all rock!!