Found a nice site of free patterns

Not sure if this is new to anyone, but its new to me. Keep scrollling to the bottom for scarves, slippers etc.

Ohh that’s a nice site!

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Thank you for posting that site. A lot of the patterns are new to me. Thanks again. :happydance:

What a cool site ! I am very tempted to do the felted soap. That looks really neat!!!

ack! you reminded me that i bought soap specifically so i could do that. (well i do use soap anyway so it wasn’t like i wouldn’t use it! :rofling: ) i have a ton of roving left over from a christmas project so i have all the required pieces…just forgot all about the project! :doh:

LOL… since you have (or know what you are doing) done it before I was wondering how big of a swatch do you knit for the soap. Do you just knit a block big enough to wrap the soap up in it or do you make a big big block? Thanks a bunch… Maybe that didn’t sound confoosing!!!

Hi, I’m a newbie to knitting and the forum. I just started knitting infant hats for the “Caps to the Capital” campaign. I was wondering if anyone had any nice patterns to share. They should be about 10" in diameter when finished. Thanx, crissi :slight_smile:

WOW that’s a lot of bags!!! :happydance: :thud: