Found a great site

I went to a nice yarn shop this week for the first time and bought a pattern to make the “Himalays Tote”.

I am enjoying knitting this bag so much I just went to her website and ordered two of her sweater patterns. They seem very pretty and are easy for an advanced beginner to follow. :XX: :XX: :XX:

It sure feels so GOOD to read a pattern and be able to follow it and KNOW what to do. I hate it when I am stuck and have to wait to get help when I really want to be knitting it! :blush:

Thanks so much for posting this site!! I had run across it several months ago & forgot to bookmark it & forgot the name of it :smiley:

Yes, thanks, Celine. I just looked over the pattern instructions for the three free patterns offered on the site, and see that their patterns are easy to follow. For someone like myself, who struggles interpreting patternese, this is a biggie! :smiley:

I’ve purchased a couple of these patterns, though I haven’t made them yet, they do explain things clearly. Service was prompt, too.

I love that cami! Thanks for posting the link :slight_smile:

kemp, that Camisole is really beautiful!!! I love the colors and the whole style of it.

yes, I really like it too! I have to put that on my list.

I’m surprised that site gets away with posting that pic, but I noticed it’s in Russia, so I guess the magazine people can’t police them.