Found a good site for seaming

I found a good site to show how to seam thought I would share.

i love it! thank you! :cheering:

That is a good one! Thanks!

Thank you SO much for sharing that! I made my mom a scarf weeks ago that I have yet to finish. It’s made in two pieces, and I didn’t know how to connect the two. The standard methods of seaming that I’ve learned so far didn’t work for the way it was made. Her tutorial is just the ticket for what I need to get this scarf finished and in the mail!

You have made my week! :cheering:

Thanks so much for that link. I’m getting so close to finishing a sweater I’m making for my dd and I will definitely be using those tips when I’m seaming.


Thanks excellent website.

Wow, did you see her eBay store, where she sells very nicely packaged recycled yarn? Love the name of the store, The Twice Sheared Sheep:

I didn’t even notice that. Thanks for the heads-up, Amy. :thumbsup: