FOs-Swirly Flower Cloth, Ducky Cloth and "A" Cloth

I made these for our new niece. The swirly flower cloth is a pattern by our very own Rebecca. It was great fun to make. It is made from Fantasy Naturale. The “A” Cloth and the Ducky cloth are from Knitting Knonsense and I used Sugar and Cream

Great stuff! :thumbsup:

Those are so cute! I love the duck!!

I love them!! :inlove:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Those are so cute, I am just loving the duck :cheering:
Thank you so much for choosing to knit one of my patterns, I’m honored :muah: I love the yarn you chose :cheering:

They’re all cute, but I just :heart: LOVE :heart: the ducky!

Great job! I love love love the duck–so cute!

Love them!

thats awesome!! I love the A thing…I think I might do that next…and the ducky is lovely!! love the colors on the flower too :smiley: :cheering:

:heart: beautiful, and so fun, too! congratulations! :heart:


I love the duck! :cheering:

All cute…but the duck! :teehee: