FOs - some scarves

I’ve been playing with combining fibers for a funky look - one of my favorite things to do. I grabbed 10 different yarns that I thought complimented each other and started putting them in order. Both of these were on 10.5 needles with about 175 stitches lengthwise. I did 2 rows of each color up to the middle, then faded back out fora mirror effect. These were Jan birthday gifts:

and closeup:

Black and White striped scarf:


This one is for my DD from Misti Chunky Baby Alpaca:


I played and played with different stitches for this scarf. I ended up doing a 1x1 rib, but instead of a regular knit stitch I knit into the stitch below on every row.

I really like those and what a knit way to change up the 1x1…awesome gifts! :yay:

Beautiful scarves!!

Very pretty! :heart:

Wowowow! :cheering: I love all of them but I especially love the first one with all those nice colors. xD I never have the patience to cast on more than 100 stitches. :yay: :smiley:

Very pretty! And they look like they were fun to make too!

Pretty scarves:)

Wow, what cool scarves! I especially love the black & white one. Nice work.

They all look great and the colors are wonderful! Great job!:cheering:

They look great! Fantastic use of different textures! Very boutique-y looking! :thumbsup:

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL WORK! I can’t decide which scarf I love the most!!! You are an inspiration to us all!!!

nice scarves, WandaT. i can never put colors together to look so pretty. linknit41