FO's - some hats, face cloths, and a few other things

Sorry ! Lots of FOs and I finally took pictures of them.

Here’s my first attempt at fair isle. 2 hats for my DSister and her wife (for now and hopefully it’ll stay that way :slight_smile: ) I used this pattern with patons bulky

And here’s a couple of Republic hats. I used Moda Dea Tweedle Dee yarn in Sahara and Surf and Turf colorways. I found the pattern on Ravelry. I made the blue one (surf and turf) for my DSon’s GF and the brown one (Sahara) for my DD.

Here is a baby papoose I made for a friend. I’m making another one for her as well as she is having twins. I just CO 4 and increased to a point and then knit in stockinette for a few inches and joined. Then I knit in the round for a few more inches and began decreasing and added some icord ties. I thought the open design would make it easier to get the baby in and out of the papoose :slight_smile:

I made this Tudora for a friend who is in love with anything British :slight_smile: I used Joann’s yarn. I am not sure what the name is but it is sooo soft.

And finally here are some washcloths I made for my mom and the mother of my DSon’s GF

These are chinese wave dish cloths:

And this is from a pattern called Eloomanator:

Both sets were made with Lily Sugar N’ Creme cotton yarn :slight_smile:

Wonderful hats Evona !! Love them :slight_smile:

Wowza! You’ve been busy! Everything looks wonderful!! Congrats on finishing so many great gifts!

:happydance: You have been busy!! Everything looks wonderful, love the hats!

Wow, what great gifts! You’ve been very busy. I love the hats, and your Tudora looks great. I made one for my niece, and hope to have time to make another before Christmas.

Everything looks fantastic! I love how you did the papoose!

I’ve been busy and I’m still at it :roflhard: Some people are just not going to get their presents on Christmas.

Everything looks wonderful. Love the hats.

you did great on the hats, etc. i have a question, what is a Tudora? linknit41

I’m sorry - I forgot the link to the pattern. Tudora is just the name of a neck warmer pattern on Here’s the link:

Lovely hats! The button on the one for your son’s GF is great. Where do folks get such pretty buttons? The baby thingie is neat, and your Tudora is nice too. Good job on the clothes as well.

OMG!!! You have been busy! A [COLOR=Blue][B]wonderful collection[/B][/COLOR] of knits! Great job!!!

That button is a ceramic button I bought at a LYS. I didn’t intend to make any purchases that day and only stopped in to see what they had. The sales lady laid on the pressure though and I wound up walking out with 2 hanks of cotton yarn and a set of 2 of those buttons. That’s the problem with me - those high pressure sales tactics really work on me :roflhard: I’m glad I got a chance to use them. I do they are very pretty and unique. I never went back to that LYS after that experience though.

The papoose is too cute :slight_smile:

Everything looks great! You sure have been busy!!