FO's - Scarves, hat and hand-dyed yarns

A few of my recent FO’s - a scrunchable scarf for my grandmother in Malabrigo colorway Purple Mystery; a hat and scarf for my dad in Crystal Place Poof colorway Walnut (this yarn was a huge pain in the a$$ - it feels nice, but I wouldn’t recommend it.)

I also made my first attempt at dyeing recently. The yarn is WOTA natural, done with Wilton’s cake dyes. I am pleased with how they turned out, but they’re not precisely how I planned them. I can tell it will take some practice to get reliable results.

Very nice knitted work! Love the colors. And the dying!! Beautiful! :cheering:

:inlove: Pretty colors! :inlove:

OOOOooooOOOOOoooopretty :heart:

So did you “paint” those colors on or what?


That mangosunshinekumquat one is dee-licious. I’m serious. You should sell it. It’s so lovely I can barely look… :heart:


Very nice!!! I love everything, I really love your yarn, did you dye it with koolaid by any chance…it’s such vibrant & beautiful colors :smiley:

Wow, the knit things look wonderful (loving the scrunchable scarf)!!

And the dyeing–wow! :thumbsup: What are you planning to knit with it?


rebecca - I did not use kool-aid, I used a gel food-coloring type dye that’s normally used to color icing for fancy cakes. The brand is Wilton’s and I got it at Michael’s (a chain hobby/craft store). I chose the cake dyes over kool-aid because there were more color choices and I read that the colors turned out more intense.

feministmama - I didn’t really “paint”. I mixed a little of the dye gel with water in plastic cups, and then I basically just poured one color on one part of the yarn and smooshed it around until most of it was absorbed, then poured on the next color etc. The colors ran together more than I wanted in some places, so next time I might try a different method.

Thanks everyone for the compliments. I haven’t quite decided what to do with these vivid yarns yet - I’d appreciate any ideas anyone has!!

:inlove: oh I am in looooove!! I love the first one… Man those are MY colors!

LOVE THE DYED YARN! Super colors! Super job! ahh the knitting addiction!

Whatever your method the color is gorgeous! Love those scarves, too!


I really really love those colors. Now I know what to do with all my Wilton colors that have just been collecting dust since I’ve started knitting. :cheering:

:inlove: very pretty. great job!!! :inlove: