FOs: RPG gamer's dice bag, and my first original hat design

These projects represent some of the items I’ve made in 2005. In truth, they’re the only ones I kept. The rest of my time was spent crocheting items for my wedding.

Amazingly, I didn’t knit this bag for my husband. I knit this one for me, because well, I’m as much of a geek as he is. I have a large collection of dice (I’m a fan of Chessex), and needed a sizeable reticule to carry them around in.

The yarn tag is long gone, but I recall it was a random purchase at Woollcott & Co. in Harvard Square, Cambridge MA. It was one of those hand dyed confections that once you touch it you have to have it. I think it was from Peru?

The colors were reminiscent of sunsets against the contrasting white pine forests of Maine where I grew up. Delicious golds, russets, and violets. I probably did the yarn a disservice by knitting it up in this simple project, but in my defense I didn’t have but the one skein, I already had a mittens/hat set, and the training wheels are still on my needles.

This next pair is a felted ribbed scarf in Brown Sheep worsted (it’s hunter green), and a hat of my own design. The hat’s ribbing and I-cord are knit, the rest is crocheted in an hdc stitch. This is the result of me chickening out with the circular needle when it came to shaping the crown. :oops: And yes, I realize that the pom is unbelievably lame. Unfortunately I secured it really, really well. The hat yarn is Bartlettyarn 2-ply. The colors are from either their Glen Tweed or Fisherman’s lines (not the Fisherman’s Bulky).

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REALLY cute!! :cheering:

Great job! :thumbsup:

Nice! I really like that hat! :thumbsup:

Thanks! I’ve had a couple of friends suggest I submit the design to a zine, but as it’s a hybrid I’m not sure if Knitty or Crochetme would take it. :frowning:
What I might do is just put the directions up on my own website and see who salutes it.

Very nice!!! :thumbsup:

I was wondering if you had a pattern or you could give me a clue how to make a dice bag. I am excited to read this post today because my hubby ( big gamer geek…LOL ) just asked me last night to make him a few new dice bags. He was watching me knit my first felted bag and he asked for a dice bag.

Thanks Becky :smiley:

[color=darkred]I just love that multi colored yarn.

Did you start the hat at the crown, or at the bottom? That sure looks like a tempting project.
I never could make a decient pom pom, so I make tassles instead.
Lana :x: [/color]

:thumbsup: Love that yarn, Wynnie… and your description makes it even more delicious…

If you don’t want to submit to Knitty, why not find a crochet emag?? I’m sure that there are plenty out there… and why on earth did you make icord when you could have just chained it??? :doh: :roflhard: has a hybrid pattern page! :thumbsup: If you write it up and post it on the free patterns forum here, maybe you can email the lady who runs it (I believe she’s a member here as well) and maybe she’ll link to it!!

:heart: the dice bag! What a great idea :smiley: Does it close at the top?