FOs: Princess and Unicorn

I made a princess and unicorn doll for my daughter’s birthday from the book Dream Toys. My daughter was utterly delighted with both! I can’t recommend this book enough. It has such fun, whimsical dolls and toys in it, my kids have gone through the book and want me to make almost everything in it!
The only real modifications I made to the patterns was to knit as much as I could in the round-as everything was originally supposed to be knit flat (the seaming-[I]oh the seaming! shudder).
[/I]I’m very pleased with how they both turned out!

They came out great!

WOW they came out amazing!! I ADORE the unicorn!! I’m definelty going have to pick up that book for gifts

:heart: oh they are so cute. I uderstand why your kids love them. thank you for giving me the link. keep knitting.:knitting: :x: :knitting: :x:

Those are cute!

Pretty! :inlove:

Holy cow, those are fabulous!!

Wowza! Those turned out fantastic! Good job!

What a lovely set of toys . Beautiful work :slight_smile:

Great job, they are both really cute!

Beautiful!! :cheering: I’d better not let my daughters see, or they will want me to make them, too!

How awesome!!! Great job!

That is one skinny princess! LOL She is very cute though, I love the two colored hair. Cool unicorn.

Thanks for the positive comments, everyone!
I’m kind of tired right now, I completely underestimated how long it would take me to finish the Unicorn, and was up until 2AM last night sewing that thing together!

I love those. Have just made a wish list for two of her books, this one and one called something babes. have shown my husband so he knows as it is my birthday in a couple of weeks. my youngest will be two at the end of april. maybe I could manage one of them by then.
You did a wonderfull job, they look exactly like the picture on the book.

Those are really nice and you are so TALENTED!!! Great job, love the wonderful detail! :yay: :yay: :yay:

those are really cute! Nice job!

Wonderful job.

I have that book and I :heart::heart::heart: it. So far I’ve made 2 mermaids so far and I plan on making 2 horses in the very near future.

I also adapted to knit in the round where I could. (thats whats holding me back on the horses… still figuring that one out.)

I know what you mean. I have to knit another horse (the Mustang) soon, and I was thinking that it should work to knit it flat until just after the part where you cast off some of the stitches on both sides, and then join in the round after that. I’ll have to read through the pattern again, obviously, to make sure, but it would really cut down on all the time it takes to put it together!
For the legs, I knit the hooves flat, and then switched to the round for the white part and it worked just fine.

Mariblue, those are do adorable. I’m going over to Amazon to order the book right this instant.

Thank you for the recommendation!