FOs (on my freaky dolls)

hi, I’m kinda new here, I haven’t posted much, my mom is Lana

I got my love of knitting from her and she got her love of dolls from me.

(hope this isn’t too many pictures)
the first two I made specially for these dolls. I love the way they turned out. I made up the pattern based on two sweaters my mom made.

The pink one is actually for a kid (my 2nd youngest niece who is 6)
but it happens to fit my doll, so I used her as a model

I’m not really pleased, the yarn was a nightmare to work with, my gauge was not even at all, but she loves pink and it’s really soft, I doubt she’ll notice the imperfections…
I used a pattern for this one, but I really prefer to make my own…

and a shirt for this little guy

U beat me BIG TIME
someday I can do something like that


OUTSTANDING :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

Very nice!! I find that smiling doll a little scary, though! :wink:

Wow I really love those! :inlove: The two raglans at the top with the buttons are the best. I love the colour combos.

A veritable plethora of superb sweaters!

Nice sweaters. Scary dolls. :wink:

Thanks everyone! I really enjoy knitting, it’s very relaxing for me.
I have mono right now, so I can’t do much besides sit around.
At least I can keep a little busy knitting.

I forgot to say that I used the magic loop for the first time on the sleeves (learned from the video I found on this web-site). It’s a breeze! I now I want to try some socks with NO DPts!

Wow! Very pretty colors and nice even stitching! :cheering:

Nice job! :thumbsup:

Those are fantastic!!

Those are great!!! :thumbsup: That big doll is very real-looking, isn’t she?!? :shock:

All of the sweaters you knit are fabulous!!! The colors…the stitching… the design - just great!!


Great job!

Beautiful work! The little blue and green one is my fav. I love the color combo and the buttons are cute!

:cheering: Great job! One thing I’ve never been able to get is the complete even-ness and control you have with your stitches. Kudos!

Back again… Did you use Knit Picks Crayon on the light pink sweater in pics 5-7? I ask because I saw another small sweater knit with that DK yarn that had the same texture. It’s on this site: [color=red]See Sun 19 Mar 2006[/color]
This knitter modeled her sweater on a cute little stuffed penquin.

Good going!!!


Jackie, the fluffy pink yarn is from my local Hobby Lobby.
It’s Baby Bee Pitter Patter Eye Lash yarn, boo pink solid and sugarplum (lavendar) solid.
I think it would have turned out better if I had knit just a little tighter, but I found it hard to pull through and hard to keep my tension even.

(I knew the doll might freak some people out, that’s why I put it in my subject)

Great job! I love them! I am hoping by next winter I can tackle some sweaters for my toddler. :XX: