FO's--Necklace and Yet Another Scarf

Here’s the MagKnit necklace I finished ages ago and am just now getting around to photographing. I used two strandes of Suede to try and make it look kinda leopard-like.

The tube scarf is in a chenille yarn - so cozy and soft - but I think a different yarn would have made better stitch definition. You can wear it doubled around your neck like this

Have a good weekend, everyone.

I’d never have thought of knitting a necklace. What a great idea! The scarf looks very cozy, love the colors, too.

Love, love your scarf…I WANT A NECKLACE :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: Never thought of that…you are a genius :thumbsup: I’m going to have to chat with you about this necklace making & where u get the findings :wink: …LOL, after all, my project list is short :—

Back to those Clapotis hat and gloves, Missy! :roflhard:


I really like your knitted necklace hadn’t seen that before… Love the scarves they look so warm and soft… :thumbsup:

What kind of findings are those?? Is that a MAGNET?? VERY unique!!

the kits in the website do they come with the yarn and instructions or just the magnknit clasps?? LOL I really like those but couldn’t find inst. for just the necklace… :wink:

edit: umm… I found the instruction on the knitting part so now I take it the kit is just for the ends… :oops:

COOOOOL STUFF! That necklace is so cute! I think we need a pic of you wearing it. :wink:

Thanks, guys. The necklace was fun and FAST to make. When I initially saw the kit, I thought I’d make one for EVERYONE for gifts … until I saw the price of the clasp. Then I decided it was just for me! :oops: The kit is just the magnetic clasp and instructions on how to glue it into the clasp. I think it was about $40. :shock: I’ve looked around for other magnetic clasps but haven’t had any luck.


Surely, if we look long enough we’ll find one that is less expensive & we can do LOTS of them…or so I hope :wink:

That necklace is great! I’ve never seen those before. Thanks for the link.

If ya find them let us know :wink: I googled around yesterday for a bit and didn’t come up with anything