FOs: Lacy Sweater and Tepes Hat

Here are a coupe of items I recently finished. The first is the
Lacy Sweater by Zoe Mellor I found it on Ravelry :slight_smile:

Second one is the Tepes Hat from I originally made
it for myself but my dh said it didn’t suit me so I gave it to my
daughter. I left the stakes off so the men just look like they are
dancing :slight_smile: Unfortunately, we lost the hat last week on a shopping
trip so I’ll be making another as she loves it!

Those are both very pretty. Too bad you lost the hat, I’m sure it will break your heart [I]to have [/I]to knit another one.

WOW! Lovely work ! The top is stunning and the colour is just yummy:)

Bummer about the hat - glad you daughter liked it though! The sweater is beautiful! What a great job!

You did a wonderful job! :yay:

Thanks! :slight_smile: Yeah, I’m not too bummed about re-knitting the hat
because it was a fun fast knit. Only about 2 days so will be easy
to replace. I’m annoyed because I had used some yummy yarn I
had gotten in a swap so I’m sad I lost the yarn…my dh said that
was just weird! :roflhard:


Gorgeous sweater and cute hat. What color will you make the next one?

Well, my daughter said she wants another blue one but I think I’m
going to try and do the two color version and make it blue and white.
Might as well have some fun experimenting the second time around!

Libbie :slight_smile:

great job, those both look really nice

Lovely sweater, I can’t see the hat very well…dark colors are like that, especially in pictures.

Beautiful sweater and I love the colour…sorry about losing the hat,but someone is really enjoying it 'cos it’s really great looking

Yeah the pic of the hat wasn’t that great. I have some better ones
of my dd wearing it but my dh refused to post them. He said he
didn’t want his daughters face floating about the internet hehe…

My dh had the same comment about the hat. He went back to the
store where I’m certain we lost it and checked the lost and found a
couple times but it never showed up. He said whoever found it
must have liked the look of it…that’s a compliment I suppose! haha
I’m just sad I lost the yarn, my lovely dark blue yarn sigh :wink:

What a pretty sweater Libbie! Sorry you lost your lovely dark blue yarn, and oh, what a pity that you have to make another hat! :teehee: Looks like a neat pattern.

They are both WOW! Love the colors, too!