FOs: Knitscene Tulips, Pinwheel blanket

A couple of FOs, recently finished.

Knitscene’s Tulips sweater (fall 2006 issue I think):

Pinwheel baby blanket in cotton:

I’m so glad the blanket is finally done! The sweater took me the longest because it took a while before I finally picked out beads. I had to use a crochet chain for the belt since I did the yarn overs backwards (oops). But that was a happy accident, I think, because the beads are fun. Only thing is, I wish I’d made it longer since it makes me look short (I still wear it though).[/img]

Wow, those are both great!

Those came out so pretty!

Those are both gorgeous.

Was the blanket a total bore to knit? I was thinking about making one for a GF of mine who is ‘in the family way’ at the moment. :teehee:

but please tell me if it is painful to knit… because I would just as happily knit a sweater or something.

that blanket came out so pretty! I tried making one from that pattern, but I couldn’t get past working those first few fiddly rows. :wall:

Both are beautiful!!!

both are beautiful! i also have a GF who is “pg,” and would love to make her that blanket! :teehee:




Both are so beautiful!

Thanks! I’m glad you liked the blanket. I hope my hubby’s cousin likes it too =)

If you like complicated stuff, it might be a boring knit. I did have trouble paying attention and kept having to frog stitches to go back and put in YOs where they belonged. But it went so fast and that’s what I liked about it. Considering its size, it’s probably one of the fastest things I’ve done.

The only thing I was wondering is if my center part is too tight since the edges don’t seem to lay flat. Does it need blocking? I didnt’ bother since I thought that it probably wouldn’t matter since it will go through the washing machine.

Wow!! They are both so beautiful! That pinwheel blanket is one of my favorite patterns!

Wow, they are both gorgeous!! I absolutely love the sweater, and that color is so pretty. What yarn is it? :inlove:

Amber, the sweater was made with Knitpicks Elegance in the color grass. I love it! It’s so soft. It also held up to a lot of abuse. This was my first time doing lace and I had frogged the first part of the right sleeve at least 5 times.