FOs - Jaywalkers, Fetching, Branching Out II

Hello hello :cheering:

I’ve got a couple of recent FOs to show you, yippeee! Warning… lots of pics!

Firstly, my FIRST SOCKS! Jaywalkers - what fun! I actually finished these a little while ago but had to keep them hush hush as I showed my yarn swap secret pal (catownedanna - hej anna!) a photo of them as a WIP and I didn’t want her to figure who I was :rofling:… please excuse my ugly bathroom floor in the pic!

These guys also have a little brother, I made as a gift tag to send to Anna - she took the much more artistic photo below (note beautiful blue Swedish sky)! :lol:

Next, my Fetching gloves from Summer Knitty and the KH knitalong - made with DB Cashmerino Aran in [color=red]RED![/color]. These were fun and will be perfect on my fixie in the Autumn :happydance:

Finally, I made my second Branching Out last week in a bit of a record-reaking attempt to have it blocked and ready for Satruday - I did it! Hooray! :XX:

Again, there’s a KH Branching out knitalong with all the fun and games on there!

Thanks for looking - apologies for the long post (& to the KALers who’ve seen these all before)!!

But you socks match the color of the tile so well! :rofling:

Everything looks great! You are a knitting monster! :cheering:

Love it all. :heart:

Everything looks amazing!! Great work!

I love everything…it’s all gorgeous :thumbsup:

I am in awe.

wow - great FOs!!! you do beautiful work. :slight_smile:

:inlove: :inlove: You should be proud!! Way to go!! :cheering:

SO WONDERFUL!!! How did you size down the sock - and that with your FIRST PAIR!! Oh My!!!

I particularly love those shoes that match the fetching… :inlove: :inlove:

Wow, they all look so good. I love the socks, and I’m wondering how you down-sized that gift tag sock too??


Those all look terrific! Love that scarf!

Those socks are awesome!!!

Great Job

You’ve been a knitting fiend! Great FOs!

great! I love the photo of branching out!

Katie, you have sheets from IKEA!!! I have a set of the exact same. :heart:

Your Jaywalkers look great (and I’ve almost seen them in person as I have the tiny one at home! :heart: ), as does the fetchings, and the Branching Out. :cheering:

Heehee - why, thank you ;)… rahhhhhh

Thanks! So, to make the little sock, I used 2.5mm needles and sock weight yarn, cast on 36 sts (9 on each of 4 dpns) and just sort of downsized the jaywalkers pattern until the proportions looked OKish :?? - I’m afraid I didn’t write it all down as I did it ( :doh: ) so I’m going to make another one and see if I can write out some instructions, will let you know when I have! It was really fun to make and so [size=2]leeeeettle[/size].

Well spotted, Anna!!! I love these sheets and they make it into quite a few of my pictures since my bed just seems to get covered in knitting stuff all the time :rofling: How funny we have the same ones! :lol:

Everything is great! That little sock is cute :thumbsup:

Gorgeous FOs! They all look great!! :thumbsup:

That was your first pair of socks? You did great! I’m still too chicken to try socks.