FOs - Illusion scarf, scully keychain, fetching

First post!! I learned to knit last September, so I’ve been knitting for almost a year and this is the first time I’ve taken FO pictures… Sad. But, at least I’m doing it now!

Here are a few projects I did recently for a craft swap:

Robot Illusion Scarf:
Looks like a stripey scarf

But wait!

That was fun to knit.

Then I made a skully keychain from a pattern I found online, but I decided to double knit it, which turned out well.

All items together (with Fetching):

Then for another swap I knit matching scarves for the person and her dog, so I modeled them with my foster Pug:

Hope you enjoyed!

They all look great.

too cute>>> great knitting and picture posting.

Really great projects! I’m excited to learn Illusion Knitting, and it’s inspiring that yours came out so well. P.S. I really love your hair! :smiley:

I love that scarf! Where did you get the pattern? Great job!

Very Cool!! My boys would love those!

Everything looks great! I love the scarf too, and can I just say…Awww, look at the cute little dog! :hug:

Very cool! I love illusion knitting!

Wow great knitting!! I want to try some illusion knitting!!!

Terrific job and very cute!

Love the robot illusion scarf – where did you get the pattern? My grandson would love one. And what is the yarn in that beautiful red scarf? Great color on you, btw.

Thanks for the great feedback!

The pattern for the Robots Illusion Scarf is HERE. It was really easy to follow and very cool to see it coming out.

I agree about my adorable foster Pug – she has the one-eyed piratey goodness down pat!