FOs - Group 2: Sweaters

Here are some sweaters that I knit for myself or my husband over the last year. The last sweater is for my husband – my first venture into stranded knitting. :XX:

Those are wonderful! I have yet to conquer knitting a sweater! Woo hoo! You’re husband picked out a nice pattern! :wink:


Wow! Those are really beautiful! I totally agree with the LB Homespun. I only made a scarf with the stuff, but I hated using it.
Great job!! :thumbsup:


I’m so impressed with your DH’s sweater…I’d never ask mine to pick one out! LOL

WoW! Again - everything looks so wonderful!

Just…WOW!! Great jobs :cheering: :cheering:


Excellent job! They are beautiful!

Wow - very nicely done!


Just amazing!

I’m astonished you managed to stick with the Homespun long enough to get a sweater done! I bought a whole bunch of it a few months ago for a throw blanket (it comes in the most beautiful colors, doesn’t it?). I got about 5 inches done on the first strip for the throw & took it all back. No fun!

You should be very proud indeed of those sweaters!

Gorgeous x 3

I’m SO glad to see that sweater from the Handy Book of Patterns.
I’m finding a trend with my pattern browsing…I just don’t have a good concept of how things will “really” look once you knit them. I LOVE :heart: the way your raglan sweater looks, but when I bought this book from my LYS, I took it back a week later because I didn’t think I would like how most of the sweater patterns looked.

You’ve inspired me to at least go get it from the library and give that pattern a shot :lol:

Way to go! :cheering:

Fantastic job on the sweaters!!! Love the hubby one–great job!! I, too, admire your perserverence with the Homespun. My daughter wanted a sweater from it but I just couldn’t bring myself to finish it.

The Homespun one is very pretty… the colors are great but the yarn is a PITA isn’t it? :wink:

The other two sweaters are also really nice. Great job! :thumbsup:

PITA? Oh, OH!!! Ha, yes definitely a PITA!! :rofling:

Great job! :thumbsup:
I love the colors that homespun comes in, but it is a pain in the arse to knit with! :rofling:

Those are so great! I finally found a pattern for a sweater I want to make for myself. Just haven’t gotten started yet.

You should be very proud! Your’s all turned out beautiful!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: