FOs - felted basket and stitch markers

Okay, maybe adding the stitch markers is cheating a little bit… but they’re knitting-related, and they turned out so well! They’re for my August Birthday Swap pal… I’m pretty sure she doesn’t frequent this board, so I think I’m safe.
As for the basket… it’s Patons Classic Merino, dyed with Kool-aid and knit into a basket using the Booga Bag pattern as a very vague guideline. (i.e. knit a square of garter st, knit the sides up from there, slap a handle on wherever you feel like.) I think it turned out pretty well. The finished version looks a little lopsided and lumpy, but that’s because it’s full of cooling wraps for my grandma and great-aunt.
So… pictures!

:inlove: I love the stitch markers and the bag!! Great job!!

Nice job on both of the projects! The bag looks great!

Everything looks great!

Nice knitting!!

Those stitch markers are just too cute!

Both look wonderful…love, love your st markers :wink:

Nice job. And those markers are sooo preeetty!

Lovely! I don’t see lumpies on the bag–it looks beautiful! And yes, red! Love the stitch markers, too!

:cheering: :cheering:

Oh, those stitch markers are gorgeous!! Cool bag, too!!

Gorgeous! I love how you did the straps for the bag!

I love the stitch markers! Beautiful. And the knitted basket is wonderful.

I think both look great–and stitch marklers aren’t cheating–they have to DO with knitting!! :smiley: