FO's: DK Hawkeyes scarf, Irish Hiking scarf and mistakes

The double-knit Iowa Hawkeyes scarf is what I made my dad for xmas. I made it out of KnitPicks Shine worsted. I’ve never knit with Shine so I hope it holds up ok.

The Irish Hiking scarf is for the Red Scarf Project but I’m not sure if I should send it. A couple times I knit when I should have purled so on the ridge between the cables, it looks a bit messed up. Actually, I did it 5 times, so there are 5 of these little mistakes on the scarf. By the time I caught them it was too late to go back. Encore doesn’t frog very well anyways.

Great job!!! I love the Hawkeyes scarf - what a wonderful idea!!! (I’m not a Hawk fan though, but don’t let that get around!)

Great job on all–and I don’t SEE a mistake!! :teehee:

Love the Hawkeye scarf. I did a year at Univ of Iowa for a post grad intern at the hospital. Loved the area. Named my son Hayden after Hayden Fry who was coach at the time.

Those are gorgeous!! And fantastic work on the Hawkeyes scarf! :notworthy:

Thanks. :slight_smile: There are definitely 5 mistakes. They’re the first thing I see when I look at the scarf. :grrr:

The point is not seeing the mistakes, it’s seeing the effort you put into the scarf (and I don’t see the mistakes unless you point them out so stop pointing them out :hug: )
If you want to send it, then send it! Otherwise, I am sure there are various people here who would love to take it and claim as their own :muah:

Haha I read that and did not realize it was the OP, and though “wow, that’s blunt!”

I think they are gorgeous, and I also think you helped my Encore decide what it wants to be when it grows up.

The Hawkeyes scarf is super too, did you design it yourself?

PurpleMittens, it came out quite nicely with the Encore. I wanted to make it long so it took a little over 2 balls (probably 2 1/4). And yes, I designed the Hawkeye scarf myself.

great job on both–I wouldn’t worry about the little mistake on the irish hiking scarf. Think of it as a unique handknitted touch!

I agree with Cristy…if it was perfect, it wouldn’t be handmade. You are the only one who will ever see it (the little imperfections). It turned out beautifully.

Beautiful scarves!!!

That Hawkeyes scarf looks awesome! So does the other one!