FOs Cloth & pot holders, working on Filigree gloves

Im so proud of myself for figuring out the double knit hot pad pattern. And these are my first pair of gloves, they are fingerless. I will try real gloves next I think. Thanks for looking:knitting:

Nice work! What yarn did you use for the pot holder?

Great job. I love your pot holder. I saw the tutorial and really want to do that one as well.

:happydance: Everything looks great!

I used sugar n cream, dont remember what the colors are, sorry.

I had a hard time at first with the double knit pattern. Had to write it out otherwise I got confused by the pattern chart. But writing it out helped a lot.

Oh, I love that pot holder!!!

they all look great!!

Love the hot pad Is the pattern available and where is the tutorial?THANKS

They look great!!! I especially love the potholder~how cool is that? And what a great idea to learn this technique on!

I second sabrinamom’s (Melanie’s) request~where did you learn to do that?

The pot holder pattern is on this site just go to the patterns. And there is also a tutorial on double knitting under the videos under advanced techniques. Thanks everyone! :knitting:

The pattern is on this site, just click on the pattern tab and I think its under kitchen things or something like that, the tutorial is in the video section under advanced techniques. :knitting:

Oooooooo…I love it all! The double-knitted pot holder is really wonderful! Love the colors you selected. Really eye-catching and not yo-hum at all! :heart: