FOs - Clapotis and Candle Flame Shawl!


Clapotis was done in a wool/silk blend I had custom dyed by an Ebay seller. If you want the name, I can try to find it again. Great stuff and a lovely lady!

Candle Flame Shawl - Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Wild Violet, a 1lb cone bought from Oregon Trail Ebay store - note to others, a 1lb cone is not enough unless you want a petite one! I had to curtail mine and forego the collar the pattern calls for. It works and it’s beautiful and warm though. Grandma won’t mind! BTW: it’s not crooked, I just laid it that way - I was in a rush taking the pics!

Wow are those gorgeous!!:passedout:

Beautiful work!!


Just exquisite! They are both beautiful!

beautiful. wow

Gorgeous!! Makes me want a Clap of my own!!:woohoo:

WOW, you have been busy, GREAT job on both!:woot:

Wow I love the colors of the clapotis… and the candle shawl is very pretty :happydance:

The clapotis is really gorgeous! I have yarn to make not one, but two and can’t seem to get started on it! How long did it take you to knit the clap? Hee, it’s just fun to type that :teehee:

The Candle Flame shawl looks warm and cozy and decadent! Really beautiful work!!!

wow - those are divine! Wonderful work!

Both are exquisite! I love the colors of the hand-dyed yarn. Lovely, lovely work.

Lovely items. I love that candle flame pattern stitch. Good work!

Okay, both are beautiful but that candle flame shawl is especially magnificent. I love that stitch. :yay:

The clap - when you start out, it’s a big boring triangle. Once you get to dropping stitches, it flies. You start zipping through to get to another drop stitch row!

Both pieces have an easy to remember stitch pattern, and once you get going they both go pretty quickly. :thumbsup:

Thanks for all the compliments! :muah:

I’m with Dagny on the candle flame pattern. You can actually see the flame! I love that.

I think I’m really going to have to see a specimen of “Clapotis” in person. So far, just from looking at pictures, I don’t really understand what all the fuss is about. Yours is lovely, there is no doubt, but I suspect there must be some special effect of the stitch that doesn’t come across in photos.

Beautiful work :thumbsup: Such lovely colors (two of my favs btw:))

Oooo…both of those look great!

I am kind of wondering about the ‘clap’ myself, but your work is beautiful! Love the colourways!

And the candle flame… yum! I think I’ll have time sometime next year! Very inspiring and beautiful!