FOs: Christmas stockings for my family

Here’s the one for my baby, before felting. It’s hanging next to a stocking that I’m sewing for myself.

Here’s the same stocking, after I felted it. I way overfelted! It’s tiny!

Here’s my husband’s stocking, not yet felted. I don’t plan to felt it quite as much.

Very cute.

Well, the smaller size… means easier to fill w/ goodies and easier to empty out for the child, right?. :roflhard:

It’s cute!

:happydance: They look great!!! :thumbsup:

They look great. And done before Christmas too! Wish I could say the same for my Christmas projects.

Those are beautiful! Nice work!

They both look great!! :thumbsup:

Knitting letters, one of the things I have yet to learn. Great job!

Great job! They look wonderful!