FO's - bunches o' booties

So, my pattern book that I won on ebay came in and I’ve been crochetting booties ever since. I’ve done 4 complete pairs and are currently testing 2 other pairs with different yarns than what is called for. Here are the pics of the ones I’ve completed.

OMG - they are all so cute. Nice work!!

The booties are so cute! I especially like the cowboy booties!

Those are adorable ! Which book did you get them from? Thanks!


Real nice booties!:happydance: Do you have a child in mind to give them to?

It’s from Annie’s Attic, called Baby Bootie Boutique. It’s consistently out of print if you go to the Annie’s Attic web site. I’ve found it mainly on ebay and once at Michael’s…but many years ago. I can give you the ISBN numbers if you’d like.

Mathwizard - 3 of the pairs are for the baby I’m currently incubating. The multi-coloured sneakers are for a friend.

Those are just too cute. I found it listed online. Thank you! We still have a long while before we find out what we are having. I’m crossing my fingers for a girl this round!


One of the things I find is great about these booties is you can totally change the colours around. I belong to a forum for women all due in the same month as me, and last month about 16 of them participated in a baby item / secret shower swap. I organized it, and as a thank you to the participants, I want to make each of them a pair of booties. However, some of them don’t know what they’re having, so the easiest option for them is to do yellow or green sneakers.

Oh and another thing I’ve done occasionally is instead of doing the roller skates with 4 wheels, I do 3 running down the center to make them roller blades. I don’t normally make those ones for mobile babies though…just newborns.

Great idea! I’ll have to look into getting this book. It looks great. I’m new to crochet. Are they difficult?


To me, they’re very easy. They’re actually what I learned crochet off of. When I was pregnant with DD, I was in college. 3 days a week, I had like 4 hours between my 2nd and 3rd classes of the day, so I would go to the student center and work on the booties.

I’ve done almost all the patterns so far and the one bit of advice I can offer is…count count count. Some of the rounds don’t end where you think they’re going to and if you try to deviate from the pattern you’ll end up with a bootie that’s slightly off center. This is one case where I totally agree with trusting the pattern and not adding your own things…unless it’s different colours, or in the case of the skates, changing the wheel orientation.

Awwwwwwwww, how cute is THAT? Thanks for sharing!

love :heart: the Mary Jane style :yay: