FOs: Bella's Winter Ensemble

As of this morning, all my Christmas knitting is finally done! Whew! It was pretty dicey there for a while, I wasn’t sure if I’d get it all finished.

For my niece, Alisha, I made a hat-mitts-scarf set. She’s 20yo. The mitts are Bella’s Mittens, the pattern based on the mitts Bella wore in the first Twilight movie. They go up almost to my elbows. I love them so much, I’m making myself a pair after Christmas. Someone different made the hat pattern to match, and I made up the scarf pattern to match them both.

On Ravelry: Bella’s Mittens and Bella’s Hat. The scarf is just the cable pattern from the mitts with 1x1 ribbing on either side.

It’s beautiful! :inlove:

Wonderful work! What a fabulous set!!!


Nice! :inlove:

Gorgeous set!!! I know my 20yo DD would love it!

What a gorgeous ensemble!

So pretty! Nice work!

I made the Bella Mittens for my 16 year old step daughter, wish I’d known about the hat, I would have made that too. In her words, she loved, loved, loved them.

Very, very nice! :muah: A great set. The color will go with so many things, and the Bella thing is really in right now. Good idea.

Those are great!

Beautiful, I have not done enough knitting in awhile, so I have mised some pretty stuff.

Man I wish I was your niece. You did a wonderful job.

Beautiful work! Your niece is very lucky!