FOs 4 and 5: Kitty Eggroll and Dishcloth

Hi Everybody–

The first pic is of my second dishcloth. The pattern is slanted squares from a leisure arts leaflet that contains dishcloth patterns exclusively. I really like the pattern. The yarn is a no-dyelot sugar and cream.

The other picture is of a second cat toy–the eggroll pattern found on This toy was given to Big Bob, the neighborhood cat, who gets confused and thinks he’s mine. Unlike an earlier post, I was not able to get a picture of the toy being used–everytime I went outside to take a photo of Bob using the toy, he stopped playing and stared at the camera strap :rollseyes: with a little to much interest for my comfort!


They are great…WTG :thumbsup:

Those are great! Love the pattern!

Brilliant - love the pattern! :thumbsup: