FOs: 2 purses

Pattern added as requested on Pattern Central Thread
Just simple little handbags knit all in one piece. Also made little flowers that can be pinned on the flaps or removed as the owner wishes. Homespun yarn in black and white and a deep purple.

:yay: Very cool looking bag…congrats!! :yay:

Those are just adorable!!! :inlove:

What yarn and pattern did you use?

Cute bags!

Nice work. Are the flowers contrasting color, or the same? Cute.

thank you! I used Homespun and just a plain black Caron acrylic for the yarns, but no pattern. Just made it up on the fly. :slight_smile:

I just did black ones. They wanted dark purses…I should do one in the purple just to see…it’s a really pretty plum color…Gothic is the name, Edwardian for the black and white

[B][COLOR=Green]Very NICE !!![/COLOR][/B]

Very nice . :slight_smile:

Really nice! I’m afraid to do anything ‘on the fly’ yet.


Very nice bags!!! Love the colorway, too.

very nice.

Cute bags!

I really like those, don’t suppose you’d be intereseted in trying to write the pattern out . . .

:woot: awesome job!!

I can do that…give me the day and I’ll post it. :slight_smile: Thank you!


Done! See my Slot handle purses in the Patterns Forum


Cute bags!