Forgotten pattern

Hi! I am a new member from the US. During our lockdown I started looking at my old projects. I started this 8 years ago. Can’t figure out the pattern. Thought it was a row of knit then knit, knit 2, knit, but then I can’t figure out how to get that stitch back. Can anyone please help? Thank you


Welcome to KH. It looks a lot like bamboo stitch to me. You might tink part of the pattern row and see what you were doing. I think there is probably a yo that gets passed over the stitches made after it.


Wow thank you. That is close. I think so too. I will have to try on my practice yarn. I wanted to practice first it has been so long

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Thank you again, you were right on, down to the extra YO.


I am hoping someone can help me with the first couple of stitches in this scarf. I thought it was knit knit yarn over and then the bamboo stitch like grumpy grandma had said but then it seems to fro an extra stitch. I have added rows and removed them many times trying to get it right. Can anyone tell what it is please please?

I read the sts as follows:
K2, (YO, K3, PssO) Repeate…
Only not slip sts but a yarn over that is passed over the k3 to create the ‘bar’ across the bamboo sts. It also decreases to negate the YO increase.

I think you forgot to pass the yo over the k3.

*please excuse the incorrect usage of abbr. PSSO.

I just could not abbreviate “pass the yarn over, over” as PYOO because it just sounds offensive as onomatopoeic acronym. :pensive::mask::roll_eyes::wink::slightly_frowning_face:


Oh! I did not think about the WS (purl) row.

It looks like you just ended with a p row.

Let me read the knitting again and I will edit this with my thoughts.
@GrumpyGramma or @salmonmac may have an answer before I return.

WS. P2, (YO P3) across, P2
RS: K2, (SL, K3, PSSO) across, K2

Would that match the above image.

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Thank you so much for the help. that is amazing. I took off more rows. I was doing the bamboo stitch for the video not realizing i was add 8 stitches in a row. I took off more rows to realize that I wasn’t doing purl together on the row back. I did a couple of rows with the variables of the Pass overs and have come to the same pattern as you did. Thank you so much for your time. Amazing site here.