FORGOT my knitting at home!

WHAT am I going to do with my lunch time today? Overslept and completely walked out without my knitting today! OH NO! I may just have to go to the LYS and find some yummy yarn so I can start yet another project. Darn. LOL…

I just can’t believe I forgot it…and it is something I’m on a deadline for so I REALLY needed it here. Oh well…

What a bummer of a way to start your day. Sorry!! But I think a trip to the LYS is in order!:teehee:

OMG!! Now, THAT is a perfect excuse to go to the LYS at lunch…as if we ever needed an excuse. :roflhard:

I carry a gigantinormous purse so my current project(s) is always with me. :happydance:

It sounds like maybe you need to have two projects going at once, one at home and one at work. That way you don’t have to remember to bring it with.

(I have serious issues remembering things when I leave in the morning… forget my lunch, for example, regularly, I mean how hard is it to remember that?)

sounds like me - I don’t have to make a trip to the lys - I work there - might explain why I have sooooooooo many projects on the go…:knitting:

Definitely needs a trip to the yarn shop…a girl can not be expected to go all day without her knitting!!!

I have an old Coach ‘backpack’ bag that I will carry until we both are old and unusable, and attached to that 99% of the time is my Around the Town bag that Kristen made for me. Viola! Never without my knitting.

Asked my DH if it looked weird, he said, “Not to a knitter.” :rofl: :mrgreen:

BTW, I feel your pain. Off to the LYS you go!

I may skip my make-up, my jewelry and my breakfast but I never miss putting my knitting in my bag. I’ve even started putting it in there when I finish with at night.

Well, LYS here I COME! See y’all later… after I spend way too much money on some yummy yummy yarn. Hee hee… shhhhh… don’t tell the DH I’m heading to the LYS. LOL…

YUMMMY. So since I couldn’t decide what I wanted to knit next I just spent time touching just about EVERY yarn in the store. I did get some totally yummy and beautiful Ranco for a swap I’m doing though… Now, I just have to bring myself to part with it which is NOT going to be easy. It is handpainted in the most gorgeous colors that my swap partner is going to L O V E (at least I hope. hee hee)

Man, I wish I had read this thread earlier, I would have met you down there! :slight_smile:

THAT would have been FUN… Of course, it was already difficult to leave and come back to work… Having a fellow KHer there with me would have almost ensured that I was MIA rest of the day. LOL.

lol you guys

Gosh, thanks for saying that, That is exactly what I would do…now I know I’m knit-normal:inlove: enjoy!