Forget how to do slip stitch

I am returning to knitting after a long break and want to go back to a scarf I started. The pattern says"slip 1 and then knit 3…" Is slip stitch different from the knit stitich and can someone get me started with this…is there a video on it if it is not the same as a knit stitich? many thanks in advance as I’m eager to return to this project.

First…does the pattern say how they want you to do it? A lot of times the pattern gives info like that.

A slip stitch on the edge is generally just to make it even with a nice chained looking stitch. To slip a stitch just put your right needle into the stitch on the left needle from right to left and slip it off onto the right needle with no stitch worked. The last stitch in the row is usually knit.

I find when doing a slipped edge it looks nicest if you bring the yarn forward like you were going to purl, but slip that stitch and then move the yarn back (between the needles) if the next stitch is to be knit. I always knit the last stitch.

I can take a photo of the edges of my scarf if you want to see it.

It depends on whether the pattern wants you to slip knitwise or purlwise. A lot of patterns don’t say.

As you probably remember, when you slip a stitch, you insert the needle into the stitch just as you would before making a knit or purl stitch but instead of pulling the working yarn through to make a new stitch, you just slip the existing stitch off the needle.

I’ve heard that unless the pattern tells you otherwise, always to slip stitches purlwise. But then I’ve also heard that you always slip stitches in pattern (ie., on a knit row slip the stitches knitwise and on a purl row slip the stitches purlwise) This sounds like contradictory advice so maybe one of the more experienced knitters can chime in.

Oh, saw that Jan already answered so hope that helps.

thanks so much for the very quick response…I looked at the glossary and found some slip stitches. However, if I get you correctly I’ll put my right needle through in the knitting direction, not in a purl direction. Does it matter which direction? The edge is like some nice loops as you described. I really appreciate the help and looking forward to the answer. Happy New Year!

No, since the pattern says to slip the first stitch (for an edge) slip it as if to purl…meaning put the needle in from right to left (point to point) and slip it to the right needle. Your choice will be whether to have the yarn in front or back as you do it. As I said I prefer to the yarn in front and it sounds like your edge is done that way.

Try it and see if it works for you. You can always go back and do it differently if that doesn’t work.

the pattern says: slip 1, then knit 3, p1 (total 5x per row) end k2
Does that help as to whether the slip is a knit or a purl direction?

ty i’ll give it a try…

I personally would do it as I stated in the other post. Since it has knit stitches on the end it would create a nice chained edge. :thumbsup: Since this is a work in progress though you do want it to match so try this and see if it matches.

It turned out just right!! I’d send a reference for the pattern if I knew it but someone just showed me in a knitting store.

I’d like to make one note here for anyone who knits combine like I do (scary thought, isn’t it?).

If the pattern says to “slips stitches as purl” it’s going to be confusing since we enter the loop from the right, regardless of the stitch we’re doing, just ignore the purl bit since we’re always working that side of the stitch anyway.