Forget about the yarn, what about the needles?

I am very new to knitting, and already I am building a collection of needles. My husband thinks I’m insane. I want the wooden ones, the bamboo, the aluminum, the you-name-it. At the yarn shop I saw some of those Vietnamese ones that were so pretty, but I couldn’t afford them. If price was not a factor, they’d be in my knitting bag right now.

Surely with everyone’s love of yarn, there are those who covet knitting needles here too? (My apologies if this topic has been beat to death.)

What types of needles (material, length, etc.) do you recommend for a brand new knitter?


IMHO, for a brand new knitter, bamboo/wood is my suggestion because the yarn doesn’t slip off of it as easily as it does the metal ones.
I know you were talking about the Lantern Moon needles @ your LYS, weren’t you?! Those are beautiful!!!

well i am having a serious love affair with my addis 16in in various sizes. i even love hearing them clink together…lol

My SIL is like you about needles! She must have 150 pairs of needles in all different materials. :lol: She has them beautifully displayed in very artsy vases around the house.

Um…arent we SUPPOSED to like pretty needles??? The prettier the better??? Isn’t there a member of this very board, who because of her preference for pretty PINK needles has ended up building her own internet business???

I consider needles and yarn cheap therapy.

I just like my Denises.

I firmly believe serious crafters/artists need good to tools! I have Addi’s, Bamboo, a orphan Brittany needle (i… um… “lost” one :rollseyes: ) aluminum, Denises, some Daisy single points. I also have some glass ones I bought via Ebay. They are totally usable but verrry slippery. I hope to find just the right display spot for them. I also have a couple wooden ones with fancy beads on the ends.
My DH wouldn’t dare insinuate my mental stability with such things as he is an avid RC hobbyist and has his own conglommeration of tools. So nanny nanny boo boo! :lol:
I started it out mainly with the short needles, about 9 -10 inches. For small projects like hats, scarves and small bags they are quite nice.
Oh, and I also have about 8 pairs of stubby 7 inchers in sizes 6 to 50 that I got from Ebay from a super great couple in Australia… I communicated with them quite a bit after the sale and even got a homemade Irish Creme liqueur recipe from the Mrs. as I was making a cheesecake with Baily’s at the time. Yay Australia, I love those folks! :heart:

who, me!?!?! :blush:

I so LOVE needles, all kinds and types!

as you can see, I have aluminum and plastic and metal (and not all just pink - but pinks and greys and reds and purples!) :wink:

as a beginner, I would try different types - just get them inexpensively at thrift stores or what have you. You may not want to go out and spend tons of money on say metal needles when you find out later than you really love plastic (or bamboo…)

Carol…that’s HYSTERICAL! How many of the needles that people send you for sale/trade do you end up KEEPING?? :roflhard:

:oops: ummm too many obviously!


:rofling: :rofling: :rofling:

*as a kid, I would often meticulously line up crayons in preferred color combinations…and don’t even ask me how many lipsticks I have! :shock: yeah, I line them up in color order too


Do I see a pattern of love for long and lean things? :rofling:

Sorry… newbie trying to be cute… :oops:

oh my! :roflhard: