Forethought Heel Help - Figured It Out

Hey y’all.

Making my third pair of socks and using the Chevron pattern from SKS. I’m going to do the forethought heel to challenge myself, but I’m already lost.

I think I can follow instructions for doing the provisional cast-on (although I’ve never done one). From what I read, I’m supposed to put the instep stitches on a holder, right?

Where is the stitch holder supposed to lie (inside or outside) when casting on the provisional?

From what I read, it looks like you graft the heel with something. I’m just not sure.

I’m so totally confused…please help…

I think I figured this out.

I think I’m going to have to do the kitchener stitch to connect the instep stitches that are currently on the stitch holder and the stitches that will be there when I remove the provisional cast on. DUH! :doh:

Please, someone, correct me if I’m wrong. :wink:

I did her Forethought heel on one pair of socks and my advice is to forget it and do an Afterthought heel. Waaaaay easier and accomplishes the same thing:

Much as I like her book in general I wouldn’t do another Forethought heel. It is way more trouble than an Afterthought.

Thanks for the link.

Some of the things I had read said that the Afterthought was harder than the Forethought.

I wound up “trusting the pattern,” and it worked! I was just having a lot of trouble visualizing it beforehand.