? for those who've knit the Green Gable

Did you notice that the neck of yours is more square than the picture in the pattern shows? I’m about 1/2 way down the body and when I try it on, it almost hits my neck it’s so squared off. It doesn’t have the round shape at all like the picture has. I’ve looked up some FO’s on here and I’m noticing the same thing with those too. Do you think blocking will help this at all?

blocking really does make a big difference! there was discussion on this in the G.G KAL… but what cast on method did you use? It was said that if you use long tail it isn’t as stretchy so you probably won’t get the nice boat neckline. I used the backwards loop cast on that’s suggested and it worked fine!

Oh no! :doh: I think I used the long tail cast on. I didn’t see where the backwards loop was suggested (I’m assuming that was on the KAL?!)
Poop! There’s no way I’m frogging back to that!!! It’s not that I mind it the way it is, but I just wondered why it wasn’t like the picture!

I did the GG too and used long tail :oops: I wasn’t gonna frog back either but it was to square when I tried it on and I didn’t care for it now its all frogged… if your not happy with the neck shape at this point it might be better to frog it back… I had it all done and frogged it cause I knew I wouldn’t wear it with that neckline LOL my dh said I looked like a football player in the shoulders :roflhard:

Yikes, I don’t want to frog!! :pout: I told DH that if I wanted the boat neck I would just do another one. But now that I think about it, maybe I will frog? I’ll have to try it on again. He was really disappointed that the neck didn’t look the same. I’ve gotten this far in 3 weeks, but now with classes starting, it’ll take 3 months to get back to this point. But I guess that’s not an excuse worth using since I’ll have the sweater for a quite a while after it’s done. Wouldn’t want to not wear it because of that. So the cast on to use is the backwards loop?! They need to modify the pattern to read that way!!

backwards loop it is! here’s a link to the KAL: http://ggknitalong.blogspot.com/ It helped me out a lot in making mine!